Your journey. Your way.

At Quest, we believe so strongly in the culture, community, and benefits of climbing. In our eyes the beauty of the sport is in its individuality–it doesn’t matter if you’ve climbed for 10 years or 10 seconds. The challenge is always one stretch away. It’s a practice that instils confidence, and we’ve seen so many great people flourish after entering the sport. Climbing requires going far beyond your comfort zone. It requires thoughtfulness and determination. Once you’ve found your footing in climbing, you develop a powerful internal confidence that pushes you to seek adventure again and again. And we’re here to make that happen.

We are incredibly passionate about climbing, and about our mark within the network. We aren’t in this to make something basic or expected, and that’s why we believe so strongly in innovation. Our drive to push boundaries and make waves comes from the same place that stoked our deep love of climbing–an innate desire to adventure beyond what we’ve seen before. We put in the work and the sweat, because just like climbing, everything is more beautiful when you’ve worked your butt off to get there.

Quest Climbing creates home climbing products for children and adults. Quest was started out of a desire to provide an easy solution to help kids climb at home. We have since developed an array of products that do just that. Our modular home climbing walls can be customized by both the size and design to fit in any home, and our home wall mats, climbing holds and hardware complete the package. 

Quest was founded by Logan Grasby. Watch Logan's recent interview with CTV News here and read more about Quest here.

Quest was born in Calgary Alberta, Canada.